When the time comes to clean your home or business’s carpet you may want to think about the green cleaning alternatives that are available today. Some of the more traditional chemical-based carpet cleaner solutions may contain certain chemicals that are very hazardous to your health.

Some of the chemical cleaners contain a substance that is typically called PERC (which stands for Tetrachloroethylene Perchloreothylene). The EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) states that tetrachloroethylene has been known to cause neurological, kidney, and liver complications after both short and long term exposure to the substance.

According to The Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry (or ATSDR for short), PERC directly causes dizziness, insomnia, headaches, fatigue, and even death if inhaled or ingested into the body.

There are other chemical-based cleaners that contain propylene glycol methyl ether as an active ingredient. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that propylene glycol methyl can lead directly to nausea, dizziness, vomiting, diarrhea, as well as skin, eyes, throat, and nose irritation.

Depending on which certain carpet cleaning one uses, the potential list of harmful ingredients is staggering.

The way that chemicals used in carpet cleaners become airborne is when they are used on the carpet. Another danger of using dangerous cleaning products is that children and pets can easily ingest them if they are within reach.

In addition to the physical dangers of the harsh chemicals used in some carpet cleaners, if those chemicals are not properly disposed of, they can pose as a potential threat to local ecosystems and environments.

DIY Carpet Cleaning: The Green Way

Although all of the previously stated facts about the potential dangers of using chemical-based cleaners maybe a little worrying, there is some good news. There are many natural ways to effectively and successfully clean your carpet, and you can do them all on your own.

The first step in any carpet cleaning situation is to vacuum the carpeted area that has been stained or soiled. If the area of carpet is wet, use a cloth or similar towel and blot the stain until it is completely dry. It’s important to make sure that all of the moisture is removed from the carpet. Before you use any type of carpet cleaning solution, test it on a small out of the way part of the rug or carpet. Also, remember to avoid any long skin and eye contact as well.

Green Steam Cleaning Recipe

To make a natural cleaning solution for use with a steam cleaning machine, take the following steps:

  • Step One: Fill the steam cleaning machine with equal amounts/parts of warm water and white vinegar.
  • Step Two: Operate in accordance with the manufacturers included instructions.

General Green Cleaning Recipe:

Many parts of people’s homes experience much more traffic than others. These high traffic areas can include doorways, hallways, and entrances and exits. To make a natural cleaning solution to use on these types of areas, take the following steps as advised by carpet cleaning Brisbane professionals:

  • Step One: Combine equal parts/amounts of white vinegar and water in a bottle that has a spray top.
  • Step Two: Spray the carpeted area that has been stained and let it air dry for twenty minutes.
  • Step Three: If necessary, rub the stained area with a sponge or soft brush using warm water and green soap/homemade soap.
  • Step Four: Let the stained carpet area completely dry and vacuum it.

Heavy Duty Green Cleaner:

For stains that are a bit more stubborn than what you are commonly used to, follow these steps to make a natural heavy-duty cleaning solution:

  • Step One: Mix ¼ cups of water, borax, and white vinegar.
  • Step Two: Rub the created paste into the stained carpet area and let sit for at least two hours.
  • Step Three: Vacuum when completely dry.

The above recipes are for basic stains only, they will not typically work with well-established stains and deep stains or soils.

Is It Time To Use a Green Carpet Cleaning Service?

It’s no doubt that having wall to wall carpeting can add a luxurious under footing to any house, and enhance the elegance of any room. But a carpet that is dirty and has stains on it can be both an eyesore and a health risk.

Hiring a professional carpet cleaning Brisbane service is a great investment to make in your home, and in the end, will be very worthwhile. But it’s important to know that not all carpet cleaning companies are the same.

There are some carpet cleaning professionals who choose to use chemicals that can potentially be more dangerous than the dirt and stains that they are being paid to remove and clean. This holds true especially for kids and pets, as well as people who have a weakened immune system.

Due to these reasons, many people are asking that carpet cleaning Brisbane services go green to better protect the health and environment of themselves and their families. Remember these rules also apply to Upholstery Cleaning.

As was it was previously addressed and talked about, there are many reasons why chemical-based carpet cleaning solutions are harmful and dangerous. A lot of the common ingredients used in commercial cleaning products such as disinfectants, bleaches, dyes, enzymes, and alkalines can all be toxic to you and your family’s health and well being.

Due to the now widely known dangers of chemical-based cleaning agents, many companies and carpet cleaning businesses are turning towards more green cleaning techniques and methods. Carpet cleaning services who use products that are eco-friendly use chemicals that are oftentimes a lot safer, and based on bio-ingredients, and doing so reduces the overall water consumption.

There are a lot of carpet cleaning companies that claim to be environmentally friendly and the like, but these claims are not regulated. Using a little research, you should be able to find a carpet cleaning Brisbane service that does, in fact, use green products and is environmentally friendly. In the end, your family and home will thank you for using a green carpet cleaning Brisbane service.

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