Manufacturers of carpets usually do not encourage the buyers to perform “Do It Yourself Carpet Cleaning” work because it may affect the overall lifespan of the carpet.

Still, people in homes clean their own carpets themselves. It is totally tolerable that people can clean their own carpets in their homes.

But, the “Do It Yourself carpet” cleaning process can result in damage to the carpet. This can occur mainly from two mistakes done by people; excessive wetting of the carpet and overuse of cleaning detergents.

Preferably, after each cleaning of carpet, it must be dried up within a time period of a maximum of 8 hours. If the carpet is kept wet for more than 12 hours, then mold may grow on the carpet which will lead to the damage of the carpet. Vacuum driers can be used to dry up the excessive use of water during cleaning. Electronic fans also can be employed to serve this purpose. People can also take the help of any heating system dry it up in a short time.

Overusing detergents during the “Do It Yourself carpet cleaning” process can damage your carpet. Using more than the specified amount will not help to clean the carpet, rather it will leave detergent particles inside the carpet which will harm the carpet and it will make the process of resoiling the carpet faster than before.

Moreover, using chemicals to clean the carpet in the home will harm the environment and it may be hazardous if there is any baby or children in that home as they contain many bleaching agents and optical brightener.

Many processes are there to employ in “Do It Yourself carpet cleaning” in a home among which few are recommended in accounting for the damages made by the other processes. Such three recommended processes are discussed in the section below.

Hot water removal:

This process is one of the most common processes to clean one’s carpet in their home. Many well- known hot water removal units are there to help the people to clean their carpets in their homes. People can make use of the hot water removal units made by the Bissel & Hoover. But the output of their cleaning solely depends on the steps taken to clean and the amount of soiling in the carpet.

The method of pressurizing detergent pre-spray into the carpet also can be used to clean the carpets with full efficiency. Moreover, hot water removal tools can also be employed to put out all the soil and dirt residing within the carpet.

Cleaning by using dry powders:

“Do It Yourself carpet cleaning” using dry powders is also another commonly used process to clean carpets in homes. It keeps the appearance of the carpet in its original form. In this process, a dry powder is used which has been soaked with dry solvents and detergents. Commonly used dry powers for this purpose are Capture and Host.

Using dry foam:

This is another commonly employed carpet cleaning process in which one kind of foam (like shaving cream foam) is applied to the fiber of the carpet.

People can clean their carpets by themselves but it recommended that they must employ safe method to cleaning which will help them to keep their carpets well.