Over the last decade, hiring private security guards to offer extra safety and protection has been the norm in Pakistan’s main cities. However, entrusting an individual with the security of your property is a significant decision that should be carefully considered. Before employing a security guard, ask yourself the following questions: What exactly am I looking for? What qualifications should a security guard have? Where can I discover a trustworthy individual?

We understand that figuring out the answers to these questions can be a little too stressful. But don’t worry; this guide will assist you.

Comfortable seats and a proper position should be supplied to security officers.

Although security systems can help keep your house safe, technology can be readily hacked or manipulated. As a result, hiring a close protection security guard provides additional safety for your property.

The following elements will assist you in making an educated decision:

Which Person Should You Hire?

This is most likely the first question that comes to mind while considering employing a security guard. Identifying your needs and what you need to hire the guard for should be the first step in the recruiting process. If you need more than one guard for your office or business, looking for and screening private security agencies is the best way to go. Visiting the website of the All Pakistan Security Agencies Association (APSAA) can help you identify a respectable and trusted security agency as well as resolve any issues about the agency.

The other scenario is requiring house or personal security guards. Choosing a smaller agency is usually preferable so that the family can create a personal bond with the company’s executives. Larger organizations prefer to work with businesses and individuals who demand more security and have a larger budget.

Because the security industry in Pakistan is still developing and far from perfect, people prefer to approach friends and family for references from people they can trust and who are familiar with the work. Because you rely on the guard to defend you from situations such as break-ins, thefts, and threats, cultivating the elements of trust and respect is crucial.

How Do You Check For Reliability?

To gain a deeper knowledge of anything, communication is essential. Have a lengthy talk with the concerned person and ask questions during the agency or guard recruiting procedure. Be honest about your concerns and limitations, and ask them questions to clear up any confusion. For instance:

If the guard has the necessary experience for the position, they will be hired (for business, house, personal detail). If you’re employing the agency, inquire about the guard’s experience and meet with them one-on-one.

What are their personal and religious limitations? You should also ask if they can protect a household with pets, as this might be a problem in some circumstances.

Ask questions to get a sense of their attitude and temperament, such as what would you do if you had an issue at work? What methods do you take to stay cool when you’re under duress?

Always look into a company’s and a guard’s background. You can investigate a firm’s background by asking around or asking for referrals from current or prior clients. It’s a significant red flag if a corporation can’t supply basic credentials for an employee. A copy of your CNIC, a police clearance certificate, proof of handgun training, and drug tests are all required documentation.

Punctuality and Activity

One of the many questions that arises is what to look for when choosing a security guard. Guarding someone or a location is a difficult task, and the person performing it must remain active and aware at all times. Guards with a military experience are favored because of their regularity and activity.

Important details such as work hours and days should be planned ahead of time. The duration should not exceed 10-12 hours, allowing them enough time to relax and prepare for the next day.

If a guard is employed for a residence, it is critical that they have a comfortable chair and a dedicated sitting area. It should not be an uncomfortable stool because a longer shift would be exhausting. It is recommended that you engage someone who lives close to ensure punctuality and reduce commute time.

A few items should be discussed with the guard ahead of time, such as how many vacation days they require each year and whether the security business would offer coverage during their absence.

Personal Information

A responsible and experienced personal bodyguard is required.

In view of local customs and traditions, one factor to consider when selecting a security guard in Pakistan is the employee’s age.

The guard on your personal detail must be responsible and extremely skilled at their job. Their abilities and previous experience of at least 5-7 years will speak for themselves. The personal detail member must be able to drive so that you can take them with you even if the driver is unavailable. Small-arms proficiency is especially vital because a handgun is more portable than a shotgun. The age must be between 35 and 45, according to the job description.

Businesses’ Security

The age of guards for commercial premises offers a lot of freedom. Outside banks and other buildings, you’ll see guards of all ages.


Security guard salaries can vary significantly from city to city, business to business, and house to house. Hiring a retired armed services security can be more expensive than hiring a civilian guard, and it all relies on the tasks they are required to perform. It is necessary to ensure that the guard’s take-home pay is higher than the country’s minimum wage rate. This reduces the likelihood of guards being intimidated or tempted to commit a crime on the grounds.

Hiring A Security Guard: Dos and Don’ts

There are a number of things to avoid, particularly after hiring a guard for your home. The guard must be given a proper instruction handbook of “does and don’ts” in the language they understand best. This will also act as their role’s work description.

Make sure kids recognize friends and family by face as well as by name so that no one enters the premises in disguise. Ascertain that the weapon they are given is always equipped with a safety and is handled with extreme caution. Misuse of a firearm can create not only inconvenience but even catastrophic and tragic consequences. If not in use, the weapon must always be kept in a secure location out of reach of children or anybody who is not authorized to use it.

Normally, a guard’s responsibilities do not include collecting groceries or keeping an eye on cars, but many houses do. Please keep in mind that additional responsibilities can divert attention away from the primary job and lead to security breaches.

When it comes to security lapses, keep professional conversations to your household workers. Don’t provide them any personal information, as this could be harmful to both you and your staff in the event of an emergency.

It is critical to treat them with respect and professionalism as your first line of defense.