Which glass should I use to serve cocktails?

Can a Strawberry Daiquiri still be served in a Martini or Margarita glass A Tequila Sunrise can be served in hurricane glass? There are so many options for cocktail glasses that you might feel you need to have a degree in bartending to find the right one. This is why we created this cocktail glassware guide.

It doesn’t matter if you are hosting a party or opening your own bar, the choice of the right cocktail glasses is about more than just appearance. For sipping strong cocktails, wide-rimmed glasses can be decorated with fruit slices and cocktail decorations. Taller glasses are great for layering cocktails as they have plenty of room for ice. This guide will show you how to make sure your guests don’t order a Margarita from a Pina Colada.

Martini Glasses

The Martini glass is a classic cocktail glass. James Bond’s famous quote “shaken not stirred” made it even more popular. It is also known as a “cocktail glass”. This stemmed glass holds between 5-10 oz. The fluted design is ideal for small, strong cocktails like a Cosmopolitan, Manhattan, or Sidecar.

A Martini cocktail is made with 3 measures of gin, 1/2 measure of vermouth, and can be stirred in a mixing glass with ice. Once it has been stirred, strain the mixture into a Martini glass.

Margarita Glasses

The Margarita glass was created for tequila-based cocktails. It is slightly larger than a Martini and usually holds between 10 to 15 ounces. The Margarita glass is easily identifiable by its tall stem, narrow to a wide bowl, and salt coating. It is also ideal for garnishes and decorations. A Margarita glass can be used for many frozen cocktails such as the Daiquiri or as a chilled dessert cup.

A Margarita cocktail consists of 2 measures silver tequila and 1 measure lime juice. The mixture is shaken with ice before being poured into a prepared Margarita glass with crushed ice.

Pina Colada Glasses

This large, goblet-shaped glass is perfect for serving a Pina Colada drink. It can hold plenty of pineapple juice and coconut cream. Pina Colada glasses have a longer stem than hurricane glass. This is great because it prevents your hands from warming up the drink.

Pina Colada cocktails contain 2 measures white Rum, 2 measures pineapple juice, and 2 measures Coconut Cream. These ingredients are mixed with ice and strained into a Pina Colada Glass. Garnished with a pineapple spear or cherry.

Hurricane Glasses

The Hurricane glass was named after Pat O’Brien’s New Orleans cocktail. It has a shorter stem and a tall, curved bowl that resembles a hurricane lamp. This glass is great for serving tropical and frozen drinks. It usually holds 16 to 20 oz.

The Hurricane cocktail contains 2 measures dark rum and 1 measure white rum. It also includes 1 measure of passion fruit juice, 1 measurement of orange juice, 1 Measure of white rum, and 1 measure pineapple juice. Finally, the Hurricane cocktail is shaken with ice and garnished with lime wedges and pineapple wedges.

Tom Collins Glasses

A Tom Collins glass is tall and narrow and can be interchanged with a wine glass rack. It usually holds 10 to 14 ounces. Collins glasses are ideal for long cocktails such as a Mojito or Long Island Iced Tea, Sea Breeze, and Collins cocktails.

A Tom Collins cocktail consists of 2 measures of Gin, 1 measure lemon juice, and 1/2 measure simple syrup. These ingredients are then poured into an ice-filled glass and topped with 4 Measures of chilled club soda. Finally, garnish the drink with a lemon slice or cherry.

Cocktail Punch Bowls

You can find a variety of cocktail punch bowls in different sizes. This makes them great for parties. They make the perfect party centerpiece, whether you’re looking for traditional punchbowls or novelty fish bowls.

Shot glasses

Shot glasses are not just for tequila slammers. They can also be used to make unique cocktails or layered cocktails. Shot glasses were traditionally 1 to 3 oz in volume. They are now available in many different designs, including tall shot glasses that can be used for layered shots, jager bomb shot glass for shot and chaser, and twisted shot glasses that can be used for mixed shots.

Champagne glasses

There are two types of champagne glasses: wide-bow champagne saucers or tulip-shaped champagne flutes. Both styles are great for champagne cocktails such as Kir Royale and Jacuzzi.

Irish Coffee Glasses

A dash of whisky will make your coffee Irish, or you can add brandy, bitters honey, lemon, and honey to it to make it a warm drink. There are many sizes and shapes of Irish coffee and hot toddy glasses. They can be double-walled or toughened, and come in different shapes.

Boston Glass

The Boston glass is not meant to be used for cocktails but it plays an important role in the world. The Boston glass is an essential bar item. It is usually a 16 oz conical-shaped tumbler that can be used for mixing, but it is more commonly used to make a Boston cocktail shaker when combined with a 28 oz Boston Tin.