It was made to become a multi-material tool which works on the platform that was m 12. First thing we noticed is that the tool features a one-speed activate and works in 20,000 RPM, also isn’t optimized for woodcutting. Its categorized as a take off tool, because adding a timber blade could change its own classification and call for a protection shield that is blade within the saw blade.

It’s versatile, However, and can be put up for cutting different substances, frequently on the project site. The next thing we noticed is that the tool comes with a reversible blade spinning option, and also a rotating blade shield to maximize the management of clip for users. You can get a grip on where shards along with the sparks fly ideally perhaps not on mind by Placing the blade.

It is compact, inline design provides a simple type of sight, which equals cleaner, better reductions. The saw is both small and light weight at 2.4 lbs., also balanced enough to easy use. It’s intended to resemble a mini circular saw however should you stop and consider the style its optimized for functionality and controller.

The Milwaukee m 12 FUEL 3-inch compact take off tool has a 3″ circular blade, also offers 5/8″ thickness of cut. It was equipped with 1/2″ gutters in your mind.
The blades are available in three different fashions.

A cutting edge shoe flange includes the tool [bare tool or apparel ] also lets users install dust management into your saw. The dust chute features a cap just in the event.

Contained Accessory

This saw will be a sterile cutting saw and also certainly will make curved cuts, notches, 1 handed cuts. Milwaukee asserts it supplies WAY more hands compared to the usual 4-1/2″ grinder.

We connected the dust shroud and analyzed it on vinyl [abrasive cutting] and believed was under-powered to reduce 3/8″ ceramic tile. It’ll cut off tile but at a rate that is slow. It’s going to stall if you attempt and cut quick. This tool is not just a replacement for wet saw cutter or grinder. The Milwaukee m 12 cut off Tool worked unbelievably well on cement plank, and that is really where it shined for me personally as a remodeling contractor. We cut curves ripped and cut workouts, it worked well. With also a vacuum mounted and the dust shroud, a fair quantity of dust accumulated. We did remember that dust escaped throughout the section of this cut out.

We used the Milwaukee m 12 cut off Tool to trim some alloy pipe it had been quick and made a fresh cut. HVAC contractors will cherish this tool to get take-offs edge, cut outs, registers, cutting or cleats. It’s capable of earning 1-2″ long reductions in 26 gauge sheet metal within 10 minutes that will only this process! While not just a cutting tool, it is best regarded as a tool, because it won’t replace shears.

When analyzing the Milwaukee m 12 cut off Tool I tried it about a great number of stuff, together with 3 blades that were applicable.


We believed this tool didn’t perform well when utilized on 3/8″ shiny ceramic tile. We’d love to find a little more power for tile-cutting this is an arduous tile to clip with a 12-volt tool. I’d bet they would need to grow the tools size, and put in a gear group to do it. An it wouldn’t be streamlined. This tool is put up to reduce 5/8″ thickness [maximum ] material, we would like to see the cutting edge thickness increased marginally, into account for blade wear.

While both tools make work with of a 3″ blade that the Milwaukee could be the only real tool which could reverse the management of its own cut. The Bosch does not possess a dust chute edge, and is slower trimming.

The Milwaukee m 12 FUEL 3-inch compact take tool is really actually just a well balanced, durably designed, one-handed cutting edge and cutoff tool. Possessing the capacity also to undo the spinning and also to decrease in either way is a feature that is wonderful!

This small tool is remarkable to say the very least. This little guy can be a whole problem-solver, it’s just similar to once the oscillating multi-tool arrived on the scene. You will find cruder, techniques that are faster, however this guy permits some finesse plus it simplifies issues!

However you start looking at this tool, there’ll be times where it’s going to help save you time and permit one to enter in to areas that will typically be difficult along with other cutting edge tools. We all feel this cutoff tool is definitely an superb supplemental, problem solving tool that’ll improve your options to have things.