Although most of us know already, some people may still ask, What is carpet cleaning?

Carpet cleaning encompasses the entire cleaning process in which your precious carpet goes through vacuuming, stain removal and steam cleaning, among others. Ideally, carpets ought to be cleaned at least once each week, to make sure that they are well maintained. However, if you own way too many carpets inside the house, that may not be such a practical idea, right?

Doing all these things in your own home can be one tough job, considering the size and weight that most of these carpets have. And, with the delicate fibers that make up your beautiful carpets, it may be best to hand the job over to the professionals, such as us here at Stain Master Carpet Cleaning.

From your experience at home, you may have already become aware that simply using a vacuum cleaner on your precious carpets is not enough – you have to make sure that you do it right each and every time. During the vacuuming process, clean your carpet by slowly pushing the cleaner in a slow back and forth motion, to make sure that you are able to remove as much dirt and soil stuck into it as possible.

If you are faced with an extremely dirty carpet, clean it using your vacuum at least three times and in different directions. Once you have properly done this, you can be sure that your carpet is able to stay in its best shape possible, until its next visit to the professional cleaners.

What is a carpet steam cleaning?

With your experience in carpet cleaning at home, it is clear that just pushing down your vacuum hose in a back and forth motion against your carpet is never enough, no matter how thoroughly you think you have done it. Surely, there would still be a lot of deep-seated dirt, soil, oils and spills that are often not visible to the naked eye. For such tough jobs, the help of professional carpet cleaners is most often needed.

When it comes to these problems, we always take the matter at hand seriously and what we often do is let the carpet undergo steam cleaning. What exactly is this cleaning process? This cleaning method involves the creation of high-temperature steam, which you probably know, cleans way better than the traditional vacuum method. What the steam does is make their way into the deepest, tiniest holes among the fabric of your carpet and then bring out the dust and dirt that got stuck in the fibers.

Why has it become a preferable method? There are many reasons. For one, the use of the carpet steam cleaning method only involves steam which means that there are no harmful chemicals being used in the process making it safe for your pets and your family. The heat from the steam also helps kill the bacteria so even if you let your kids roll about in your newly steam-cleaned carpet, you can be sure that they are far from getting sick.

Most conventional steam cleaning methods also make use of hot water instead of steam, which would result to a wet carpet. Be careful though, hot water does not do much – steam may have been distributed evenly on to the carpet but its heat is not enough to remove the dirt trapped within the fibers. Aside from that, the excess water that comes with this process could just get stuck into the carpet fabric, along with the dirt and soil that you were supposed to remove.

Carpet  Stain Removal

Every professional carpet cleaning service knows the best way to remove even the toughest stains that could be found on your most beautiful carpet. The years of experience that the staff of Stain Master has are enough to let them determine the first step to take as soon as the stain is found.

Should you suddenly find yourself in a crisis, seeing that your delicate and well-maintained carpet has a stain, do not fret; we are here to the rescue! Do not be tempted, however, at doing anything to the stain – scrubbing it, washing it with soap, possibly even pouring in bleach – as it could only make matters worse and it may render the stain impossible to take off. Instead, rush it to us as soon as possible and we will take care of it right away – rest assured your carpet is in professional hands!

What exactly do we do? First of all, we make sure that any other solids that may have caused the stain are removed from the affected area, in order to prevent it from getting worse. What caused the stain is determined first as the next action depends on it – different types of stains require different methods of removal. Once the carpet has undergone the proper process, we make sure to return them to you in the best shape possible – possibly better than it had been before!

Carpet stains can truly ruin the value of a home which is why here at Stain Master, we make sure that you go home with a clean and spotless rug every single time!